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Names to be honored at Celebration for any decor customizations (N/A) if doesn't apply
for events that require decor customization for backdrops, labels, signage etc... (N/A) if doesn't apply
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Event Date
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Venue Location
*if Venue is more then 20 miles from 43016 mileage fees may be applied
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Start Time
Teardown Time *if after 11pm a late pickup fee will be applied *
Teardown Time *if after 11pm a late pickup fee will be applied
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Will Venue Provide a 6ft or 8ft table for sweets table setup?
Does Venue Provide Table linens for additional tables such as food, gift tables, additional guest tables?
Would you like to add any fresh floral arrangements to your setup or event decor?
Visually picture where your table will be displayed at the Venue... Is there anything in the background that may throw off the table display?
Cupcake Options
*Please Select cupcake options if they apply to your package
Please advise if there are any additional treats provided by client that is being added to "Sweets Table" i.e cake, cupcakes, decor etc...
If your package includes invites or thank you cards please advise which option youd like, as well as details to include.
-Please understand that ALL Deposits are not- refundable -Items included in "Packages" are not substitutable -Custom treats such as Cake pops, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Rice Krispie Treats, Sugar Cookies & Oreos must be ordered at least 2- 4 weeks in advance with a 50% treat deposit at time of ordering and based on vendor availability at the time of booking your event. -Final Payments for Sweets Tables are due on the third business day prior to the event. All other Event types due dates may vary. -If Final Payment is not received by due date a $10 late payment fee will be applied. -If pickup is scheduled after 11 pm a $25 late pickup fee will be applied -Events 20 miles outside of 43016 there is a .58 per mile gas charge roundtrip. - Any items that are broken or damaged during duration of event, there will be a replacement fee billed to client

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